Cafe Equinox at Family Tree Nursery

Annuals, Perennials, pruning – I’ve heard these terms in movies and in books but never thought I would be uttering these words myself. In what universe does The Little Spoon garden? Apparently, in this one. Now, when I say garden, I use garden loosely. I dug some dirt in a pot and planted some herbs. Thanks to my dear friend Nick who moved away, he gifted me his Monstera and a few other plants (what are they again??) which I have managed to keep alive and well so I’ve got watering down now, too. The idea of growing ones own herbs and plucking them from the garden has always been a romantic notion, but one I never thought I’d accomplish myself. I was right. I needed a green thumb like my boyfriend, Brian, to lead the way. His mother is an avid gardener and it appears the leaf doesn’t fall far from the perennial.

Family Tree Nursery is mere minutes from the house and inside is home to the charming Cafe Equinox. Equinox: the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of approximately equal length (about September 22 and March 20) incase you didn’t know. Sitting outdoors, the patio framed by what I can only call plants (because as I mentioned I’m still learning) makes you forget there is a parking lot on just the other side. Shaded with gentle wind chimes and a cool summer breeze that brings scents of the floral and fauna wafting by is an idyllic spot to have a coffee before stocking up on ferns and such. What’s so wonderful is I don’t need to know everything to feel welcome here. A seed out of soil I may be, but the horticulturists at Family Tree know everything I don’t and are so kind and helpful in a way that makes you feel like you CAN PLANT ANYTHING AND SEE IT GROW. You’re growing, your plants are growing, it’s a VIBE.

Even if you aren’t down with the chlorophyll, it’s a pretty place to stroll around and look at pretty things, latte in hand. Just so happens I am going home with a Jasmine plant so maybe this green thumb thing isn’t so bad.

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