Top 6 Ways to Cure your Craving for Soup This Winter

Underrated? I think so. I almost never get asked what my favorite soup is or where to get it *but* when I do, I find myself scrambling to come up with an answer. So, I set out to do my research so you don’t have to. With nightfall at 5pm and signs of snow becoming more frequent, order take away at any of these 6 spots in the city to support local and maybe take a break from the kitchen once in awhile.

6. The French Market, Prairie Village, Kansas– Of course they too specialize in French Onion Soup, with emmenthal cheese, bacon, beef broth and a baguette, how could you go wrong? Mais, they also have their Soup du Jour so add a little pizazz to your palate this winter.

5. Extra Virgin, Crossroads, Kansas City – Yes, this place is always on my list. Why? Obviously because they have something for everyone including *soup*. The other day I had their Butternut Squash (a new seasonal item) and boy, howdy it was so good. It had a hint of spice and I practically drank it. My friend had their French Onion which went down real smooth on that cold evening. Check out their soup of the day and order a cup to go.

4. Columbus Park Ramen – Columbus Park, Kansas City – Ah, Ramen. Honestly, it’s a new favorite of mine and the Miso Mushroom soup is something I crave on the dreariest of days. Mushroom broth with miso (duh), roasted mushrooms, pickled onion, smoked tofu, marinated shiitake, greens, black garlic (yes!), sesame oil and scallions and your tummy will be all warm and cozy. Can’t go wrong here though so visit and choose your favorite.

3. Cafe Europa – Crestwood Shops, Brookside, Kansas City – I’m a Tomato Soup snob but this one is the bees knees. Fresh Basil, Parmesan and Olive Oil, it is perfection. You could order a cup but I’d just get the whole bowl. Pair that with their Caesar Salad or any one of their sandwiches to go and you have yourself a delicious lunch to lift your spirits when the weather isn’t doing so.

2. Westside Local, Westside, Kansas City – Don’t come at me for listing two tomato soups but it’s my favorite and this is my article. I’ve been a forever fan of this place and their tomato soup (you must order their grilled cheese to pair with it) is phenomenal. AND it’s vegan AND gluten free so everybody can enjoy it! I also recommend their fries (to dip) because they are just that good.

1. Novel, Crossroads, Kansas City – Never have I ever had a Butternut Squash soup that surprised me. You think it’s straightforward (and often that’s totally ok and just what you need) but sometimes you want to delight your tastebuds in the most delicious of ways. This one has jalapeno, cardamom and coconut tapioca and black garlic (yes!) which seals the deal. You may think – “Tapioca? What?” I say, “Yes and trust me.” I’m not a fan of that on its own necessarily but damn do those coconut pearls pair ever so nicely with the squash and offer a reprieve from the subtle spice of the jalapeno schug. If you fancy something boujee, look no further.

“Soup is cuisine’s kindest course. It breathes reassurance; it steams consolation; after a weary day it promotes sociability, as the five o’clock cup of tea or the cocktail hour.” — Louis P. De Gouy

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