Add this to the list of 2020 surprises – A Winter Patio Season in Kansas City

I’ve spent many hours in the sunshine at my favorite patios this summer. Safe, distanced and ever so delightful, I’m already missing those golden moments on lazy summer nights. However, I’m determined to extend the shelf life of patios for as long as possible. Your favorite restaurants are too. We all know how much the industry has been affected by COVID so supporting them is paramount to their continued success. While you may not feel comfortable indoors (and you have every right to not), these restaurants are prepared to keep you warm as we trickle into winter. Grab your best blanket and cozy up under a heater or two, order a hot toddy and you’re set for a warm winter night. We may not have many good things this year, but extending patio season has got to be one of them.

Affare – Crossroads, Kansas City
I may hold the title of Wine Ambassador and perhaps I’m biased by Katrin and Chef Hauser have turned their beautiful patio into Kansas City’s finest hidden gem. Under a gorgeous canopy, keep warm with their brand new heaters and they even keep blankets on hand (that they wash every night!) if you forget your own. They serve delicious Gluvine (mulled wine) and all kinds of spirits to keep YOUR spirits up.

Fox & Pearl – Summit / SW Blvd
This place oozes cozy. Indoors you’ve got a woodburning oven and creamy leather creating a rustic environment that will have you feeling like you’ve gone campin’. Outdoors, their intimate patio will be your home away from home. Pretty idyllic for a winter date with your snuggle bug.

Harry’s Country Club – Rivermarket
An oldie but goodie, Harry’s is the Cheers of KC. A saloon that’s not a saloon, a watering hole for the industry and a place you can be indoor/outdoor with their covered patio.

Le Fou Frog – Rivermarket
Barbara and her husband, Mano, have gone all out to make sure their space is safe. Installing UV lights and state-of-the-art filtration systems, you can dine inside at a distance and feel pretty good about it. However, they are equipped with heaters too so you can stay outdoors as long as you can handle the chill of a KC winter. They’re even hosting events outdoors like Le Boo Frog this month, showing outdoor films with popcorn and cider.

Lidia’s – Crossroads
When I think of Lidia’s I think of their vine trellesed patio, white wine and pasta for days. While I haven’t dined outdoors in the winter, I’m making a point to go this winter. With warm heaters, warm pasta and a bottle of red, Italian al fresco sounds like a great idea.

Lifted Spirits – Crossroads
I know what lifts my spirits. Ok, ok – their patio is great and so are their cocktails. I mean, look at this list, make a night of it and (safely) hop from heater to heater in the Crossroads, you might just forget you live in the Midwest where this normally isn’t a thing!

Tannin – Crossroads
Their patio never disappoints and this winter is no different. Extended to their parking lot, you can enjoy their delicious cheese board and even brunch as we go into autumn.

The Campground – West Bottoms
I’ve enjoyed The Campground a few times already this fall and it does not disappoint. If you get there early you can snag a place by their firepit but they offer heaters as well. Warm up with an Old Fashioned and enjoy the ambiance the West Bottoms has to offer.

Tom’s Town – Crossroads, KC
Long live the gilded age. The chill in the air wouldn’t have stopped Zelda Fitzgerald and it doesn’t have to stop you either. Their tent equipped with ornate rugs and low tables (and heaters) will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy on cold nights. Their cocktails will have you forgetting all about the chill in the air. Keep an eye on their schedule as sometimes Quixotic makes an appearance.

Additional Heated Patios in KC worth mentioning
(but have not been visited by The Little Spoon yet this fall)

  • Antons
  • Brewery Emperial
  • Caddyshack
  • Grunauer
  • Jack Stack
  • Johnny’s Tavern
  • KC Taco Co.
  • KC Wineworks
  • Made in KC Trolley
  • Messenger Coffee
  • Mildred’s Crossroads
  • Minsky’s
  • Pigwich
  • Strange Days

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