Top Five Best Brunches in Kansas City (with an outdoor dining option)

Ah, the favorite past time of Brunch. Do you remember it? Picture it, it’s 10am and you’re a slight bit hungover from the night before. You open one eye, then the other to check and see how you really feel. You do not want to get out of bed for ANY reason. You sleepily grab your phone and see the group chat blowing up. “Oh yeah, brunch plans.” you recall deciding to do this at midnight last night when you were at your peak happiness and brunch seemed light years away. You grumble and pull the covers over your head, but then you think about hot coffee. Mimosas to cure this pain you’re in, waffles, eggs, bacon (if you’re into that sorta thing) and lots and lots of H2O. That does it. You’re up, taking the dog out and thinking that in just under an hour you will be cured. Nothing like a hot breakfast and reminiscing about the night before with your pals. The idea of Brunch seems like a foreign concept now but enjoying breakfast outdoors – and safely- is something we can get back to as long as social distance measures and cleanliness is priority. Here are my Top 5 recommendations if you’re looking to feel normal for a moment.

5. Snooze. If you snooze you lose cause they close at 2pm. But they open at 6 so if after a night of drinking your body wakes you up early for no good reason, you can make it to brunch before everybody else. Snooze recently opened in Kansas City and the day I heard I was elated. I think I even shrieked a little. They have PANCAKE FLIGHTS and mix and match Eggs Benedict and they’ve got really good coffee and boozy cocktails. The decor can be described as Mid-Century 50s diner and I love everything about that. You can sit on their patio and enjoy your brunch with a side of hand sanitizer and peace of mind. We are so fortunate to have this place in KC.

4. Brown & Loe is on this list for a few reasons. Their service is top-notch for one. I have never met a friendlier staff. Also, their Chicken & Waffles with white barbecue sauce is *the literal best* and I crave it on some level every day. The waffles are crispy yet fluffy, the Nashville Hot Chicken has just the right amount of spice, is boneless and is glazed to perfection. The white barbecue sauce is what makes it though and I swear to GAWD you will leave satisfied. They also have the most delicious light and airy beignets – I don’t have such a sweet tooth but these got me. Coffee is wonderful and they refill your cup in that classic ole diner way where I feel like I’m in a movie (if you know, you know). Their boozy cocktails are affordable and you can for sure taste the champagne in your Mimosa. Their patio overlooks the City Market and you can’t beat that for people watching. So make a reservation and experience this gem for yourself.

3. Ollie’s Local is one of the more hidden gems in Kansas City. Tucked away in Martini Corner, Ollie’s has it down when it comes to waffles. I’m Team Waffle most days and these are why; you can order it STUFFED with strawberries, goat cheese and rosemary. Mmmhmmm. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? Biscuits and Gravy, Hot Chicken Sliders and if you’re feeling nostalgic a Bottomless Cereal Bar. You’re not bottomless but the cereal is. For $5.99 a glass you can make your Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s. They have outdoor seating so you can enjoy in peace and brunch runs from 10-3p so plenty of time for all those Lucky Charms.

2. Black Sheep Restaurant & Market was opened by Chef Michael Foust of The Farmhouse fame. This new concept is extraordinary and their food – superb. They even have a large rooftop patio so you can enjoy your meal safely in the sky above 39th street. You can sleep in as late as you’d like because they serve breakfast ALL DAY. 3 Egg Omelette, Buttermilk Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito and Chicken Fried Chicken. Lunch is served from 11am on and I highly recommend their Grilled Cheese with a side of Fried Green Tomatoes. It’s a cute spot with great food and the local hometown feel we know and love.

1. The Westside Local has always been a staple in my Brunch book. Or as they call it, Blunch. From what I can tell, they are only doing take away (Sundays from 10-2) but they do have an outdoor patio that hopefully they open again soon. They’re offering a Mimosa to go for $6 even! Their Veggie Burger is one of the best in the city OK and their Grilled Cheese is pretty spot on, too. Pork Chilaquiles, their BLT & E and for the love of all things BLUNCH order the Parmesan and Parsley fries. You will not regret that. I’ve never had a bad experience at The Westside Local and I don’t expect you will either.

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