Harry’s Country Club – Rivermarket, Kansas City, Missouri

The spot where industry people go. A down-to-earth, unassuming, unpretentious spot with polish. Kind of like an antique you find. You buy it because you like it, but later find out it’s worth a ton of money. That’s Harry’s Country Club. I’ve been a regular here for the last 7 years. When I first moved to KC and lived in the Rivermarket, Harry’s was the patio spot of choice. I loved sitting outside, looking up at the skyscrapers in the distance, the patio lights glowing against the night sky and bluegrass music playing lightly on the speakers.

Beyond the red velvet curtains at the entrance, the bar is what catches everyones attention. It spans the restaurant and above it, a portrait of a topless woman in a head dress, overlooking the patrons and silently judging them on their drink order. Fancy playing a song? Check out the jukebox in the back. Don’t see a cocktail you want on the menu? The bartender will hook you up. Hungry? Their food is SO good – not the bar food you might expect. Want the best Chicken Quesadillas (11.50) in town? Come to Harrys. Shocking right? But true. Miss those Steak & Shake skinny fries? Harry’s got ’em. Craving a late breakfast? Order their Chilaquiles Verde (13.95) tortillas with salsa verde, scrambled eggs, cilantro, queso fresco and grilled chicken. Another surprise? Their Fish Tacos (11.50). Crispy white fish, coleslaw, pico de gallo and topped with chipotle sour cream and served with Spanish rice. This place is sounding like a Mexican joint, I know but they do it super bien! I promise.

If you aren’t craving spice, go classic with a Reuben (10.50), Cuban sandwich (12.00) or a Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (10.50). Just want a snack? Their Homemade Potato Chips with French Onion Dip (7.50) will fill you up, too.

Stop by for Happy Hour, Monday- Friday 3-7 where you can try their Homemade Pretzel Sticks (5.50) served with Guinness Cheese dip or Chicken Nachos (10.00) if you’re feeling peckish. All Seasonal Club Cocktails are $6.50 during Happy Hour. Lately I’ve been feeling the Lazy Daisy;gin, elderflower, angostura bitters, lime juice and Stiegl Radler. Feeling like a cowboy? Order a Beer + Shot and you can choose from the Lone Star Lager + Bourbon Whiskey ($8) or Miller High Life + Well Liquor ($7). They have over 300 beers and their Whiskey selection is one of the best in the city so you may just find a new favorite. Come by on a Sunday when you get 40% off their “Medicine Cabinet” to try some pricey new liquors for less.

Harry’s is a spot for locals and visitors alike; a place for gathering and imbibing. Even the women’s bathroom (chock full of photos of half naked cowboys) has personality. It’s a throwback to 1940s roadhouse Americana with a modern twist. It serves well as a date night, brunch with friends, a socially-distanced happy hour with co-workers or a drink by yourself. It’s a place I bring out of town guests and they always leave impressed and so will you.

So next time you’re looking for a watering hole with a laid-back vibe, consider mozying on over to Harry’s Country Club for a rockin’ good time.

112 E Missouri Ave, Kansas City, MO 64106
Open 11am -10pm Sunday-Thursday
Open 11am -12am Friday & Saturday

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