Tannin Wine Bar – Crossroads, Kansas City, Missouri

Photo by Tannin Wine Bar

Close your eyes (after you read this next sentence) and imagine a consistently cool breeze, a shaded patio, comfortable wooden chairs, a pretty street view and a glass of your favorite wine on the table in front of you. Breathe in, breathe out. You’re relaxed. This is the mood of Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen. They were the first patio I visited “post” pandemic. Close to my home, with a great afternoon menu, they’ve become my home away from home. Before that, I could often be found seated at the bar. The long, sexy ,bar is comfortable and welcoming, the bartenders chat with you, if you want, and are generous with their recomendations. You may need those because the wine list is extensive; it’s a portfolio of flavors from all over the world. Visit Portugal, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Austria – the world is contained in your well-polished wine glass.

There are three things I frequently crave from Tannin; their pommes frites, their cheese board and their peanut butter fudge-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I will dispense this advice now.

Truffle fries are my love language. Crispy, savory, a bit sweet with a truffle aioli finish – DAMN I want them all in my mouth right now forever. Oh wait, the Cheese Board ($18) is here . Ok ok, I’ll switch gears. Crispy housemade lavosh, candied walnuts (!!!!), Mahon, Drunken goat, Idiazabal cheeses, dried fruit and honey it is perfection. They mix it up often, but it’s always delicious. The best though, are the Peanut Butter Fudge-stuffed cookies ($6). The cookies have made me a happy woman more than once. I was dating this guy once and around month three I introduced him to these. We were at his place, I had made dinner but brought those for dessert – it wasn’t until much later in the evening we popped them in the oven to warm them again and stuffed our faces with the creamy, peanut buttery, chocolate concoction that sent us over the edge. That’s a sexy cookie. You can even order them with a side of banana ice cream and/or bacon if you’re into that.

For heartier appetites, you’ve got the Tannin 8oz Burger ($15) with cheddar, grilled tomato, crispy bacon, toasted bun, pommes frites or side salad. They recently added a new dish, Ahi Tuna Tartare ($13) with cucumber and radish salad, sweet soy and wonton chips. If ahi is ever on the menu, I order it. Their Chicken Shwarma ($14) has amazing flavor with tomatoes, red onion, feta, hummas, tzatziki and za’atar pita bread which was SO good but I found the chicken a bit rubbery this time around. Perhaps it was just an off-day, so I’m not NOT recommending it, because everything else was on point. They did remove it from the check which I greatly appreciated – they’re just that kind and accommodating and I honestly, I ordered more wine because of it so…

Ok back to the wine list. I love wine and everything about it. Here are my recommendations based on their wines by the glass that they have today.

Sauvignon Blanc by Thierry Delaunay “TYDY” Loire, France ’18 ($10). It is crisp it is sharp, it is acidic and on a warm Kansas City day, you’ll drink it faster than water.

Riesling Leitz, Rheigau, Germany ’18 ($10) everything happens for a Riesling, am I right? This Riesling is perfect and surprises even the most stubbrn Riesling #haters. This is the off-dry counterpart to the Eins Zwei Dry, it is drinkable, delicious (dangerously so) and you can get a bottle of it for $38.

Cabarnet Sauvignon Daou Vineyards Paso Robles, California ($14) during the last virtual wine tasting, I tried FIVE bottles from Dauo Vineyards and what I recall is that I loved all of them. As someone who loves wine as much as I do, I don’t drink reds all that often BUT this red was divine and did not at all fatigue my palatte, which I often complain about with reds.

Should I not be imbibing on the patio when you’re there, the staff at Tannin is crazy knowledgeable and can help you with any question you have. Especially the Bar Manager, Barry Tunnell, who co-hosts the virtual wine tastings Tannin does (which I highly recommend) and he will never lead you astray.

As much as I don’t want to share my favorite spot (though, I’m hoping most of you frequent this place often), I want the city to love them as much as I do! Make a reservation and try some wines. I mean, wine not? Save some cookies for me, though.

UPDATE: I’ve been back for the Shawarma and it was great!

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